News letters



Dear Parent/Carers,


Thanks for your amazing support over this last week. As you know the fire has completely devastated our Nursery and Year 3 classroom. Fortunately, we have managed to relocate the children in the short term.


Demolition of the remaining Nursery building will take place this week. Staff will be on the yard as usual to answer any questions around this. I will continue to update you with any information as I receive it.


The donations we have received in my own opinion show the magnificent strength within not only the Rift House community but also across Hartlepool as a town. We have received so many books and toys we are now going to have to ask for people to stop bringing in any more resources into school as quite simply we do not have the storage space for any more.


Parents, careers and friends have already suggested some wonderful ideas for fund raising events in school. We will be in touch with you all after the holidays to organise such events, which I am sure you will support.


Thank you once again for your continued support. It is greatly appreciated at this difficult time.


Yours sincerely


Mr D A Turner