Information for parents about the key stage 1 and key stage 2 national curriculum tests (often referred to as SATs)


Do you have a child in primary school in year 2 or year 6?

If so, they will be taking the national curriculum tests (commonly called SATs) in May 2019.

The tests are not qualifications and don’t affect your child’s future options in school. The results are an opportunity to compare pupils nationally to ensure schools are helping pupils to master the basics in English and mathematics, and make progress.

They are also an important tool to help teachers identify pupils who may need additional support, and make sure this is put in place as early as possible.


Year 2 Information

The tests can be taken any time during May and they are not strictly timed. Most pupils won’t know they are taking them as teachers will incorporate them into everyday classroom practice.




Test paper


English reading


2 papers: short text and questions; longer text with separate questions




2 papers: arithmetic; mathematical reasoning


English grammar, punctuation and spelling (optional)


2 papers: spelling; punctuation and grammar (including vocabulary)


Teachers will use the results from these tests, along with the work your child has done throughout the year, to help them reach their own judgements about how your child is progressing at the end of key stage 1.

These teacher assessment judgements will be reported to you by the end of the summer term.


Year 6 Information

The key stage 2 tests will be taken on set dates, unless your child is absent, in which case they may be able to take them up to 5 school days afterwards.






Test paper




English: reading


1 paper




English: grammar, punctuation and spelling


2 papers: spelling; punctuation and grammar (including vocabulary)






2 papers: arithmetic; mathematical reasoning






1 paper: mathematical reasoning


By the end of the summer term you should receive test results for your child in English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and mathematics. As there is no test for English writing, this will be reported as a teacher assessment judgement. You will also receive separate teacher assessment judgements for English reading, mathematics and science.


Further information for both key stages

Teachers will make sure all pupils in their class are prepared for the tests and there’s nothing specifically test-related that you should do to prepare your child. You should just follow the general advice teachers give about supporting your child’s learning throughout the year.

If you want any further information about the tests or assessments, or have any questions, you should start by talking to your child’s class teacher.

You can see examples of the tests your child will take at

More details about the tests can also be found at