“Last year children who were BELOW 96% attendance only had a 40% chance of working at or above their age related expectation.”

“Those children who were ABOVE 96% attendance had an 80% chance of working at or above age related expectation.”

So if your attendance is less than 96% you are very, very, very likely to be working BELOW.

If your attendance is more than 96% you are very, very, very, very likely to be working AT or ABOVE!



Your child is able to access all of their learning, form friendships and get into good attendance habits.  Children with excellent attendance are usually more settled in school and are able to enjoy all areas of school life.

96% and above

Nationally, all schools and children are expected to achieve 95% attendance.  At Rift House we strive for 96%.  Children are able to access most of their learning and are likely to achieve good qualifications when they are older.


Children who have missed 10% of their learning can result in children dropping a level in their achievement. 90% is the equivalent of children missing half a day each week and 4 weeks of school in an academic year.

85% and below

Any child in a school in Hartlepool who has 85% attendance and below will be highlighted on a register check by an Attendance Officer, who will investigate why attendance is so low.  Pupils with attendance of 85% and below are called a Persistent Absentee.  

80% and below

At this stage children will be missing one fifth of their education, which will significantly impact on their achievement. 80% is the equivalent of missing 1 day of school per week (nearly 8 school weeks in a year)  Parents will be referred to the Attendance Officer for attendance procedures.

Contact Rift House on the first day of absence - 01429 275239 Make routine dental and medical appointments after school or during the 13 week holidays Only keep your child off school when they are genuinely ill, they can still attend with a common cold or minor illness. Avoid lateness and book holidays in term time.

Targets for Attendance 2016-17.  

  • Whole school attendance to equal 96%+.  
  • Children less than 90% lower than the national average 
  • Increase in the number of children in school 100% of the time
  • Close all attendance gaps between identified groups of children 


Attendance Awards



2016/17 Attendance Awards



Weekly Award


100% =Extra Play Time


 If you have been in school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday and Friday you will be given a ‘Well Done 100%’ sticker after registration on Friday morning.

Any child with a ‘Well Done 100%’ sticker will have an extra ten minutes for morning play time.


End of Term  Award


96%+ =Pop-corn and a Movie


If your attendance is above 96% at the end of each term then you will watch a movie in the hall on the big screen with a free cup of popcorn


End of Year Award


 100% = Pizza, Pop and the Vue Cinema 


Any child who has 100% attendance from Monday 14th September to Friday 15thJuly will go to Vue Cinema after firstly filling up on Pizza and Pop


98%+= Vue Cinema 


Any child who has 100% attendance from Monday 14th September to Friday 15thJuly will go to Vue Cinema