Rift House Primary School 

Self Evaluation and Development Plan


 Key issue 1: Leadership and Management: Develop and improve middle leadership in school, revise and develop communication systems with parents/carers and ensure safeguarding is effective in all areas and support/promote the health and wellbeing of all.

Key Issue 2: Quality of Teaching and Learning and Assessment:
Ensure that the typical quality of teaching in all phases continues to be never less than good, and improve the proportion of teaching that is typically outstanding. (Challenge and Response)

Key Issue 3-Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare: Reduce persistent absence in school. Increase attendance in the lower phase of school. Develop systems which promote and support self-regulation around health, wellbeing and readiness for learning.

Key Issue 4-Outcomes for Pupils:
Ensure increase in progress for low and middle attaining children so that progress measures match or surpass national comparisons (especially in reading) Increase attainment in reading so that gaps are closed between all subjects



Our School Development Plan is a pivotal document in the life and activities of our school. It is linked to our School Evaluation Form and focuses on the achievement of pupils, the quality of teaching, leadership and management and the behaviour and safety of pupils.