Last update: 2021-01-15


HANDS -Wash Frequently
FACEUse face coverings where social distancing is not possible
SPACERule of 6 and social distance


Tuesday 5th January Urgent Update

Dear Parents/Carers, 

As of tomorrow, school will only be open for those identified as vulnerable and those of key workers. 

It is essential that you all understand the seriousness that this town is currently in.  

Schools have been closed by the government because it is now known that children are spreaders of this awful virus into their own homes.  

If you are a key worker, I strongly advise that you consider every option you have before choosing to send your child into school.  

We will do everything we can to keep our school as safe as possible, but we must understand that this new variant spreads 50-70% faster than the previous strain.  

Please contact school today if you are a key worker and you intend to send your child into school tomorrow. 

School will contact identified vulnerable children directly by 12 o’clock today.    


Monday 4th January Urgent Update

Dear Parents/Carers,
I'm really sorry to announce that I am going to have close the school to all pupils tomorrow. I am going to use tomorrow as a PD day (teacher training day) so that I can plan for reorganisation of staffing, the cleaning of the school, preparation for remote learning, organising free school meals and preparing resources and reorganising environment for children identified as vulnerable and the children of key workers.
School will be open for these children only, from Wednesday.
I will share further information with you tomorrow regarding the above.
I am very sorry for sharing this with you so very late but as the announcement was so late I have little choice to do this. I will not compromise the safety of your children, you and staff and this wonderful community.
Thanks for your understanding and support at their really difficult and testing time.
D A Turner
Head Teacher
Rift House Primary School
Please see below an update regarding the opening of schools tomorrow, Monday 4th January 2021, in Hartlepool: 


From 2nd December Hartlepool is in tier 3