Last update: 2021-03-01




Government data supporting return to school on 8th February


Wednesday 24th February 

Re-Opening of Schools in England From Monday 8th March


Dear parents/Guardians,  


Good news! I’m sure you are all aware that following the prime minister’s announcement yesterday, all of our school children can return on Monday 8th March as the government working with scientists now feel that it is safe to do so.  


Full Government Document 


Attendance from the 8th of March will be mandatory

Class teachers will forward information to you, sharing start and finish times etc. 


The school will be set up exactly as it was before Christmas and lockdown.  Each class will form their own bubble and play times, lunch times, start and finish times will be staggered. 


Parents must wear face coverings as before and maintain social distancing and follow all school advice and rules.  


Your support throughout this pandemic has been nothing short of amazing in helping me and the school to keep everyone safe. 


Any further information that you need to know will follow over the next two weeks.  


Yours sincerely, 


Mr Turner 

Head Teacher