In Rift House, we work together to raise the aspirations of all children in all year groups. Over the course of the year, children carry out different activities in their classes, as well as, taking part in Local Educational visits. These help the children to gain an understanding of the wider world and real life experiences.

Inspiring the Futures week

In February, we spend a week focusing all our attention on the theme 'Inspiring the Futures' During this time the children welcome visitors into our school, from local companies and businesses. They teach the children about the real working world and about their own jobs. This is a very exciting time for the children as they have the chance to ask the visitors lots of questions and also do some role play as well.


Some children, in some classes also have the opportunity to visit the work place as well such as the Hartlepool Power Station and even the Hartlepool College of Further Education.

Here is the 'Inspiring the Futures' time table from 2018.2019

Hartlepool College of Further Education

Rift House works closely with the Harltepool College of Further Education. In 2018/19, every class in Key Stage 2 visited the college with their parents, family or friends. The children had a chance to see what life is like in college and to be given ideas about what they might aspire to do when they are older. This year, some students from the college will be joining us in some of our workshops in the 'Inspiring the Futures' week and we are hopefully going to be having some more visits there as well.

Our Schools Aspirations

At the beginning of the year, all children are asked what their aspirations are. They each share their ideas and these are displayed in their class to remind them of their goals. At the end of the year, they will look at the these again to see if they have changed their minds!