Primary Science  Quality Mark (psqm)


This year, Rift House are working towards the Primary Science Quality Mark. Over the next year, we are working towards improving:

  • Subject Leadership in Science
  • Science Teaching andLearning
  • Science Assessment for Learning
  • Wider opportunities for science learning

Here are some photos of children enjoying their science lessons.

What do the children have to say about science?


"My favourite thing about science is that we do investigations" said a Year 2 pupil


Year 2 pupil exclaimed "I would like to do more writing in science!"


"I liked learning about the different parts of the body." said a Year 3 pupil.


"My science lessons are always fun." said a Year 3 student.


Another pupil in Year 3 has shared their views "My favourite topic in science was when we learned about rock and soils."   


"Learning about living things is my favourite topic!" exclaimed a Year 4 pupil.


A year 5 student finds sciecne fun and love doing lots of experiements and reported that her her science lessons are amazing and that she get to work in a small group and with others.


Another year 5 stated "I like researching about different things and going on our science trips."


"My favourite thing about science is the experiements and that we did a puppet show when we learnt about shadows." said a student in year 6.


Science is all around us!

Here are some display from around our school.

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