Rift House School SEND


At Rift House School, we aim to provide a secure and caring environment where we can meet the needs of every child. We agree with the vision described in the SEND Code of Practice 2014, whereby:

          “Every young child should be given the best opportunity to succeed in life.

           For children with SEN, we all need to make special efforts to ensure this happens, and we all need to remove the barriers many experience as they  

           progress through school and college into adult life.”

We will use our best endeavours to secure the special educational provision called for by a child’s needs and use the additional funding we receive to help make high quality provision for those who need additional support, including those with SEND.

We will identify, assess and make special educational provision for all children with SEND, whether or not they have a statutory assessment of SEN (Education, Health and Care plan known in Hartlepool as the ONE Plan).

As a mainstream school, we will:

  • use our best endeavours to make sure that a child with SEN gets the support they need;
  • ensure that children with SEN engage in the activities of the school alongside pupils who do not have SEN;
  • designate an appropriate member of staff to be responsible for co-ordinating SEN provision;
  • inform parents when making special educational provision for a child;
  • publish detailed information on the school website about the implementation of the SEND Policy.



In line with the Local Authority SEN Policy we adopt the guidance offered in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (DfES 2001) for the identification and assessment of pupils with Special Educational Needs. We follow current legislation and guidance including making adjustments in light of ongoing reforms and approaches.


Following the implementation of the Children and Families Act (2014), a new SEN Code of Practice will come into operation (September 2014). Information will be updated in the near future along with updates to appropriate policies as we receive guidance.


From September 2013 pupils referred for statutory assessment will follow the coordinated assessment and planning pathway developed as part of the SEND Pathfinder Programme.