Keeping Safe onlinE

 We talk to children about crossing the road, bullying and speaking to strangers. But what about staying safe in the digital world?

Having regular conversations about what your child is doing online - just like you would their day at school - is the best way to keep them safe. You'll be able to spot any problems, encourage them to come to you if they’re worried and make sure they know what’s ok to share online - and what’s not. 


In school we take keeping safe online very seriously and it is effectively integrated into our curriculum. Within our school network we have monitoring software on all the children's and staff computers.  This 'Forensic' software monitors internet filtering and misuse of computing resources.  This will help keep the children safe as well as helping enforce the schools Acceptable User Policy.

Below are a list of websites and links which provide useful information about how you can help keep your child safe online.





Children aged 4-7 :

Children aged 8 - 10:



All guides are credited to Connect Safely (


                            See the source image  Guide to Internet Security                 See the source image  Guide to Cyber Bullying

See the source image  Guide to Fortnite       See the source image  Guide to Snapchat      See the source image  Guide to Instagram


                 See the source image  Guide to Tiktoc                                Guide to Roblox

If you have any questions regarding Online Safety please contact Mrs Stephenson, Computing and Online Safety Lead.