Rift House Primary School 

Self Evaluation and Development Plan


Key Issue 1-Leadership and Management:

Safeguarding effectiveness

Parental engagement/academic support

Equipping children for life in modern Britain

Strengthening governance


Key Issue 2-Quality of Teaching and Learning and Assessment:

Reading development

Bespoke curriculum

Reflective practitioners

Supporting parents with assessment


Key Issue 3-Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare:  

Improved health and wellbeing for all

Improved attendance against national comparators


Key Issue 4-Outcomes for Pupils:   

               Improved outcomes for identified groups of learners across all phases of school (specifically identified in actions)



Our School Development Plan is a pivotal document in the life and activities of our school. It is linked to our School Evaluation Form and focuses on the achievement of pupils, the quality of teaching, leadership and management and the behaviour and safety of pupils.