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Cllr Paul Beck

 Ex Official Mayor

Governor Rift House Primary

7th June 2018

Dear David and Staff,

Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the donation and great support given to Mary and myself over the past year. Our young children have shone in this town.  They are a real inspiration to us all and we are so proud of their achievements.

The community of Hartlepool, including our schools, was our priority this year including: sports development, art& craft, respect, ability to learn the great history of our town, regardless of physical ability or class.

I gave you and your team praise on my closing address, which was richly deserved.


Kind regards,

Cllr Paul Beck


Mr Turner

I would like to thank you very much for giving my son Jack "the time of his life" at his residential visit to Keswick.  He enjoyed all the adventure and experiences from start to finish.  His favourite activity was the gorge walk.  He has arrived back a different boy: so independent and happy. Totally class! (Jack's words)

 Thank you again to everyone concerned 

Wendy Higgins 

Parent of Jack


“I think Mr Turner is a fab headteacher and the school makes sure all children follow the rules and are well behaved. One of my children has done exceptionally well since coming to this school three years ago, regarding all aspects of his learning and his improvement has been outstanding.”


“My eldest daughter is due to leave soon and it will be a very sad time. Myself and my children take great pride being a Rift House pupil, the school’s fantastic, the teaching staff are amazing and has supported my children all the way. We could not be more thankful.”


“We are very happy with our choice of school. Our child is very relaxed, enjoys his learning and has shown great progress, not only academically but also with regards to confidence, the way he deals with other people and his ability to handle different situations.”


“I would recommend this school to another parent in a heartbeat.”


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layton and joshua(a couple of years ago)

WELL DONE YEAR 4 in the skipping you did amazing coming 3rd place