Year 2

Mrs Yalman, Miss Brierley, Mrs Humble and Mrs Laking

welcome to YEAR 2 ...

Welcome to Year 2.  We have a fantastic year group.  All children have a super attitude and work hard to reach their goals and targets. 


Mrs Laking is the teaching assistant in Year 2.  She offer challenges and support to the children to ensure they reach their potential in all lessons.  


In Year 2 we try to make the right 'Choices' and try our best in everything we do. 


Information for parents: 2019 key stage 1 tests

KS1 tests are important in year 2 for your child's education. Can we ask you as a parent to support us with your child's education by supporting them at home. We ask that children complete their homework (maths & spellings) each week, Also can each child read their book just for 5 to 10 minutes each night to develop understanding of the text and fluency. 

To encourage this we are having a competition in class and for every time each child reads they will gain a raffle ticket. At the end of each term the raffle will be drawn to win a prize. Keep your eye on this page to find out who won. 

class timetable

Important Dates:

Year 2 SATS will take place across the 4 weeks of May 2019. Please can we ask that you do not book any holidays for your child during this time. Year 2 is an important year for your child's education.   

Red Nose Day: Friday 15th March

Easter Holidays: Break up Friday 5th April, Return Tuesday 23rd April.


Each week for children who complete their maths homework and spellings they will receive a certificate and have entry into our termly draw. Also for those with 100% attendance for the week will be entered into a weekly draw to win a prize

Year 2 SATS

In May the children will take there SATS. It will be across the month and at different times of the day. Children will be practicing and getting support throughout the school day. Can we ask to support your child at home by completing the following:

  • To read 5-10 minutes each night and ask questions relating to what has happened in the book and to find certain words and understand the meaning of it.
  • To practice 2x 5x and 10x tables. This can be fun for the children by playing the following game as we do in school. Please click on the following link...
  • The children to learn the Y2 must know words as this will help them in their writing and reading as well. To print or find the words please click on the following document. 

Children will be also have time to attend our extra SATS club after school. This will take place every Wednesday  starting from 27th February to 3rd April.  Thank you for your continued support.

Transition Week

During the two weeks transition the theme was SPY! All the children completed various spy activities. We had arts and crafts session which we created spy gadgets. Also we had an afternoon solving clues to lead us for a fun play at summerhill. At the end of the two weeks all children graduated as spy's. 

All the children enjoyed these two weeks and helped them to settle into there new classroom before September. 

World book day

Here are some photos to share with you from our World Book Day.  All children really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character. Throughout the day we read a book about crayons and completed various activities. Year 2 had lots of fun!

Educational Trips

On Thursday 4th October the children attended Washington Wetland Centre. During there time they used their senses to feed the birds & ducks, listen to sounds around them and used their sight to find various footprints. The children also seen otters and flamingos. After lunch we walked through the forest and used a campfire to make bread. Also they used different sticks and rope to build their own den. This afternoon linked to our topic of The Great Fire Of London and how they used a camp fire and den buildings in 1666. All the children had an amazing time and were well behaved. Well Done Year 2 :-) 


Hello Mr Turner ,
I’d just like to feedback on your pupils who came to visit here last week .
I had the pleasure of having Ms Yalman’s class on Thursday and they were a delight . They were keen , engaging, had some super questions and were very excited to be in the woods with a campfire ! Their manners and attitude were lovely and a credit to your school. What helped a lot was the staff were fully involved , chatty and very helpful . My colleagues looked after Reception class on a rainy Friday  and I hear they were super too , enjoying a revised activity plan due to the rain !
Thanks again for supporting what we do here at WWT and pass on my  very best wishes to the classes and staff involved .
Joanne Newbury
Learning Manager

WWT Washington Wetland Centre
Pattinson, Washington, Tyne And Wear NE38 8LE


During harvest time the children made some vegetable soup to celebrate. Everyone took turns to peel, wash and chop the vegetables. Then after using a steamer to cook the veg the children used a masher to mash them up. Adding water and vegetable stock to the mashed veg the soup was made. All children enjoyed the soup and took part in sharing there skills and knowledge in our Harvest assembly. 

Inspire 2 Learn


In December the children went to Inspire To Learn in Middlesbrough. While there the children became young enterprises and built there own business around decorating biscuits. The children first of all planned there designs around what their family members would like for Christmas. Following this they come up with designed using various ingredients such as coloured icing, sprinkles, sugar paper and frosted flakes. After all the designs the children then made their biscuits...lets say more was getting eaten than on the biscuits :-).

If you would like to some photos that was taken from a member of staff at inspire to learn please click on the this link...

Word Task 14th May 


The blue sky was so big above me.
The sun made my skin warm.
My friend’s dog jumped on the green grass.
I looked closely at the small insects.
A orange ball bounced past.
‘Can you throw the ball back?' I heard.


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