Mrs Stephenson, Miss Brierley, Mr Lester and Mr McCloud

Welcome to year 5 

Welcome to Year 5, where as the children move into upper school, expectations are increased further  as we prepare the children for Year 6 and beyond. This year, Mrs Stephenson and Miss Brierley, will support children in becoming conscientious, resilient and creative learners through an enriched and inspiring curriculum.  

On their learning journey in Year 5, they will experience a range of rewarding opportunities which will allow them to look back on their year fondly. There will be something for every child; inspiring visitors,  exciting educational visits and many hands-on, real-life experiences.

Mr Lester and Mr McCloud throughout the year will work with individuals and groups of children to support their learning.

The understand the importance of making the correct 'choices', and should encourage others to have the same positive attiutude.

C -Caring and Kind

H - Honest and respectful

O - Organised

I - Imaginitive

C - Confident

E- Enthusiastic

S - Safe and responsible



Homework is set weekly:

Maths is given on a Friday and returned Monday

English (spellings) is given out on a Monday and tested at the end of the week.

Children are required to bring reading books into school every day and regularly change them.   We would appreciate your support in signing your child’s reading diary on a regular basis.



In Year 5 we expect the children to try their best in everything they do. In return, they will be supported and challenged to achieve their potential.




class timetable



The word-list for years 5 and 6 is statutory. The lists are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell. Some of the listed words may be thought of as quite challenging, but the 100 words in each list can easily be taught within the four years of key stage 2 alongside other words that teachers consider appropriate.