Reception class

Mrs Foster, Mrs Hall and Miss Ridley

Welcome to reception class ...

We are very proud of the hard working children in our Reception Class.  The children help each other with their learning by being caring and kind, every day.  Our children are encouraged to make the right 'Choices' in all they do. 

Miss Ridley in Reception, loves to support, challenge and encourage the children.  

Reception is often a hive of activity where creative, active and outdoor learning enables our children to progress through the curriculum.


Class timetable


Important Information.

  • Busy job letters will be given out every Friday with weekly information and a homework task to complete. Reading books are changed every Tuesday and Friday. 
  • Snack is 20p per day. This provides various healthy snacks for the children and experience food that they may not of tasted before. 
  • On PE days can we please ask that all children have their kits in school and to stay in school until the end of each term.  Our P.E day is Monday
  • May Half Term: Break up Friday 25th May and return 

School Trips:

As part of our Autumn Topic the children enjoyed a walk to Summerhill. The children looked at various Autumn objects such as leaves, twigs and mud. We discussed why the leaves have fallen and what the weather could be like in the Autumn time.  We made Autumn Collages that we created on the ground, and enjoyed walking through the leaves, puddles and squishy mud.

Termly Activities.

Autumn Term

The children have been extremely creative this term and used clay to produce hibernating hedgehogs and "super worms"  We developed our understanding of science by engaging with water in different states of matter such as ice.  The children were shocked to find animals stuck in ice and they had to come up with ideas to rescue them.

Spring Term

During this Spring Term the children have once again been very busy. They have completed various  maths activities by ordering and beginning to add to numbers together. By using their phonic skills the have been improving their reading and writing. Looking at The Hungry Caterpillar story the children have written captions and used number formation in their work linked to the story. At the end of this term the children completed tasks listened to the Easter Story, understanding why we celebrate Easter.  

Summer Term

Our main topic this term is all about minibeasts. To start off the term we went for a walk around Summerhill to hunt for minibeasts. The children found areas were some minibeasts might live and how they survive. Following this the members of staff from Summerhill came into school to help us create our own minibeast area on the field. 

Last update: 2018-07-18