Miss Malone and Mrs Penberthy

welcome to YEAR 4 ...

Welcome to Year 4. This class is made up of engaged, enthusiastic and excited learners.  Miss Malone works hard to encourage all of the children to work as part of a team and to develop a resilient attitude towards their learning.

The children work together to create a class full of hard workers, they welcome a challenge and understand the importance of showing a positive attitude to their learning.

Mrs Penberthy works with individual children and small groups to provide the support they need to overcome challenges. 

The children know they will all succeed with their positive attitude and if they continue to make the right 'Choices'.

C - Caring and Kind H - Honest and Respectful O - Organised I - Imaginative C - Confident E - Enthusiastic S - Safe and Responsible

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Year 4

Fire Safety in the Home with Kristy from Cleveland Fire Brigade.




We visited inspire2learn in Middlesbrough to design our own cafe.