In Rift House, we work together to raise the aspirations of all children in all year groups. Over the course of the year, children carry out different activities in their classes relating to careers and workshops that inspirie young children to become the best they can be. In addition to in school sessions, chilldren also take part in local and non local educational visits. These help children to gain an understanding of the wider world and have real life experiences. 

We also work with Primary Futures and Tees Valley Careers to raise aspirations further and broaden children’s horizons in order to give them self-belief by putting careers education in the curriculum and connecting learning to life.

Aspirations Curriculum Policy

Aspiration Curriculum Policy.pdf .pdf

What we have been up to...

Here are some photos from our real life experiences. These include Educational visits and visitors that have came to our school to inspire us and create memorable moments.

Christmas at a Local Forest School

Nursery had a visit from Santa, collected Rudoph's bells from the garden and counted them, made bird feeders and toasted marshmallows

Summerhill Christmas Experience

In the Autumn term, Nursery had a Summerhill christmas experience were they collected twigs and branches and made a chair for Santa. They made a Christmas decoration and some reindeer dust.

Brooms and Wands with Summerhill

Recpetion children visitors from Summerhill to create wands and brooms linked to the story they were reading in class, Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson. 

The Three Little Pigs adventure with Summerhill

We have had a great day with Summerhill staff. We have been sharing the book “The Three Little Pigs” and then completed different activities. We built houses out of straw, sticks and blocks, made wolf and pig masks and played ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’. What a fun day we had! 

Victorian Christmas

Year 2 have been to the Art Gallery to explore a Victorian Christmas. We looked at different artifacts and discussed what they were used for. Our favourite part was playing with the Victorian toys.

 St Aiden's Church

Year 2 have been to St Aiden's Church to find out about how Chrisitans celebrate Easter. We looked around the church for different symbols of Jesus and the cross and we listened to the Easter Story. 

Tees Barrage

Year 3 have visited the Tees Barrage linked to our Geography topic of Rivers. We looked at different features of the river whilst also learning how the River Tees was managed. Our favourite part was going into the control tower and moving the gate!

Stranton Church

Year 3 visited Stranton Church linked to our RE topic which focused on looking at how churches may be different. We explored key signs and symbols we see in a church and how this relates to the Christian faith. Our favourite part was sketching and annotating key symbols in Stranton Church.

Ancient Rome

Year 3 had a historical visitor linked to our History topic of Ancient Rome. We looked at Roman artefacts and even dressed up as an Ancient Roman! Our favourite activity was playing guess the artefact, it was so fun to see how different life was in Ancient Rome!

Settlements Over Time

Year 4 have been leanring about settlements and how they change over time. They visited Summerhill to explore settlements in the local areas and learn how to read compass points.

Jarrow Hall

Year 5 have been to Jarrow Hall to explore Anglo-Saxon culture at the time of the Battle of Hastings. We experienced storytelling, investigated artefacts and enjoyed a chance to look at some of the weaponry of the day. Our favourite part was re-enacting the Battle of Hastings which was so much fun!


The Heugh Battery

In year 6 we visited The Heugh Battery museum to discover what life was like for a soldier in World Wars One and Two.  We also found about the Bombardment of Hartlepool in 1918.


The Historic City of York Residential

We went on a residential visit to the historic city of  York, where visited many places of interest including the York Dungeons, York Minster, Clifford's Tower and the York Chocolate Story.