Rift House Primary School 

Self Evaluation and Development Plan


Key Issue 1-Leadership and Management:

Parental engagement/academic support

Strengthening governance

Continue to develop and improve quality of teaching in all subject areas


Key Issue 2-Quality of Education:

Reading development + approach to teaching reading across the whole school.

Curriculum- design/opportunity, pedagogy, subject knowledge & use of assessment (including early years)

Improved subject knowledge in all subjects

Fluency in number


Key Issue 3-Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes:  

Improved health and wellbeing for all

Improved attendance against national comparators

Continue to develop communication strategies –pupil/parent/staff voice


Key Issue 4-Outcomes for Pupils:   

              Improved outcomes for identified groups of learners across all phases of school (specifically identified in actions)

Early Years % of children on track to show positive progress

Greater depth (especially PP)

Reading APS

School Development Plan 2022-2024