Child and adolescent mental health services  (CAMHS) - CLICK

CAMHS has some fantastic resources on children's mental health and have also added this fantastic page with lots of information for parents discussing Coronavirus with their child. LINK

How to Maintain Good Mental Wellbeing During Isolation 

In times like these, we can often forget how important it is to try and maintain our own happiness and wellbeing. It’s not only important for ourselves, but also our family, friends, colleagues and many of those who depend on us. Staying positive and trying to implement little things like physical exercise, a healthy diet or getting a good night’s sleep, can have big results. That why we’ve created this guide to help everyone think about some of the positive steps they can take to establish and keep good mental wellbeing.

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Supporting Children's Mental Health: 10 Conversation Starters for Parents Online Safety Guide

Talking about mental health to children is sometimes hard. To the point that we can put off raising the subject, not wanting to unearth problems or raise overwhelming subjects that we perceive our child is too young or not ready for. But rather than keeping children in the dark, this guide is designed to help you confidently talk about mental health, so they feel comfortable talking about their own worries and end any stigma before it begins.

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Letter from the Minister for children and families with educational needs and disabilities LINK

Shielding and Clinically Vulnerable Appendix

Shielding and Clinically Vulnerable Appendix - LINK 


The NSPCC  has a lot of helpful advice and support for parents and carers .

We have found another great book to share with children called 'Everybody Worries' - Link