Welcome to Year 6 (Class 9)

Mrs Stephenson

Class Teacher

Miss Middleton

Support Staff


Welcome to the Class 9, year 6, webpage. This is your final year at Rift House Primary School and we hope to make it a very special and memorable one. This year we will provide you with many challenging, stimulating and enjoyable experiences throughout the curriculum.   Some highlights of our learning this year is our focus on the Vikings and the World Wars in history, discovering how evolution has changed civilsation over time in science and in art, we will become architects and printers. In our classroom we use the 'CHOICES' philosophy to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils. As the year progresses, you will get ready for the end of Key Stage Two SATs tests. But do not fear, by the time SATs arrive, the teachers will have prepared you so well that you will be ready to do your best. In the summer term, you will have opportunities prepare for the transition to your chosen secondary school.


As well as the rest of Rift House, in Year 6, we have a positive learning attitude and work hard to achieve our personal goals and targets. We all try to make the right 'CHOICES' and give a 100% in everything we do.

Classroom Environment

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Topics Over Year


Over the year, we will study a range of fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts to enhance our understanding of text structure, vocabulary and author's purpose. 

Using the reading we have experienced, we will produce a range of writing including:

   - We create riotous rhymes producing a range of riddles and nonsense poems.

   -  We'll explain how the human heart works.

   -  Using a range of suspense techniques, we will keep you on the  edge of seat with our 'Alma' stories.



This year we will revise and consolidate our knowledge of place value, refine and extend our written strategies of calculation, find factors, multiple and prime numbers,  and understand the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Everyday we practise and develop our fluency skills through daily arithmetic sessions.

Additionally, we will explore properties of shape including angles, area and perimeter, measurements and time.

We will apply our understanding of our mathematical skills through a range of reasoning and problem solving activities.

Foundation Curriculum

Take a look at our foundation topics across the year:


At Rift House we aim for your child to participate in a broad curriculum. Our timetable shows various opportunities that your child will access daily, including opportunities for mindfulness through Primary Movement and energisers

Our Weekly Timetable

*Please be aware this is subject to change

Things to help your child....

PE: All children have received a school PE Kit of t-shirt and black shorts. These will be kept in school at all times. Children need trainers or plimsolls for these days. These can be brought into school and left or taken home again.

Please make sure names are on uniforms and ear-rings are removed.

Although, PE is timetabled, the days may change.

Reading:  Reading is a key area of learning for all children and we encourage them to read daily both at home and at school. Every morning, we have recently introduced book talk which promotes children sharing their love for books and different stories. Children will participate in conversations about books, talking about their reading habits.

Maths: Homework will be given to the children on a Monday and needs to be returned by a Friday,  If your child has any problems with their homework they can speak to a member of staff for support.

Spelling: Children may bring home their spelling log which will contain sets of words the children are learning to spell in our daily Read, Write Inc spelling lessons.

What we have been up to...


Christmas Tree SVG Cricut  It's Chhhhrrrristmas!!

    We have had a busy few weeks celebrating Christmas. 

  Design Technology

In Design Techology, we designed and produced our own 3-D bauble using computer aided design! It was fun to watch our creations being made in the 3-D printer.

Circulatory System  Science Fun!

In Science, we have been learning about our body's circulatory system. We had great lesson learning about the componants of blood and made our own!

CLIFFORD'S TOWER (York) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go                             

York City Break

 We had a great one night stay in York, where participated in some brilliant activities.

We visited Clifford's Tower, the last remining part of York castle, the views from the top were spectacular.  We had a frightening experience in York Dungeons! Some of us enjoyed visiting the beautiful York Minster and a having a ramble in the Shambles  whilst some of us enjoyed the interesting National Railway Museum.  

We stayed at Snowball Plantation where we had an evening visit from a couple of Vikings!

The residential was thorougly enjoyed by all!


In History, we have been studying the World Wars so we visited the Heugh Battery Museum, where we experienced what it was to be asolideier in the war as well as understand life back home in Hartlepool.


In French, we have been learning how to talk about our favourite hobbies and past times.  We played games to help us remember and understand the key vocabulary before developing our own conversations. We had some support with our pronunciation from a French teacher from High Tunstall..


happy cute kid girl dance with musicDance

In PE, we have studying dance with Miss Wilson from High Tunstall.

Click on our links to see our final dances:

Group 1  Group 2  Group 3   Group 4  

The blue and white national flag of Greece I Galanolefki, Proportion 2:3, Flag of Greece greek flag stock illustrations  European Day of Languages

As part of European languages day we found out all about Greece and carried some food tasting. Some of us enjoyed the food whilst other didn't!


Premium Vector | Set of fossils ammonite fish trilobite dinosaur icon  clipart for website apps about fossils Fossils in Science

In Science, we have made our own fossils during our lesson on evolution.


Rugby Player Ball Side Toss Silhouette PVC Lifesize Poster 182cm Product Image Tag Rugby 

In  PE we have had been learning how to play tag rugby with Miss Middleton.