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Booster Advised 



January 2022 - Covid Update Hartlepool


12/07/21 - Bubble closures 

Good afternoon Parents and Carers, 

Unfortunately, we have had to close several bubbles today.  This means your child is a contact of someone who has tested positive.  Therefore, your child needs to isolate until Tuesday 20th July.  You as a parent do not have to isolate, as you are a contact of a contact.  If your child shows any COVID symptoms, then please arrange a test and inform school if there is a positive outcome. 

Your class teacher will be in touch with you tomorrow to talk to you about home learning and homework throughout the holidays.  

As there are several bubbles isolating we will cancel sports day until the start of the New School Year.  Hopefully, by then parents will be able to come along and support their children.  Year 6 leaving celebrations will also have to be cancelled.  Class teachers will be in touch tomorrow to share alternative arrangements (I will make sure every child receives their free Leavers Hoodie). 

Please contact school if you require further information, help or support. 


Thank You 


Mr D A Turner 

Wellbeing summary of actions and CPD

September 2020 – July 2021






·       Behaviour risk assessments completed re COVID-19

·       Policy review & COVID-19 amendments

·       Wellbeing assemblies launch

·       KCSIE update to all staff and governors (LD)

·       Staff access remote EP training ‘Supporting Children with Anxiety’

·       All staff access remote CPD ‘Understanding Stress and How to Manage It’


·       Parental Engagement discussion and planning with Indre Kennedy (LC)

·       Wellbeing afternoon in all classes (Frozen themed resources)






·       Wellbeing survey for pupils



·       Discussion with SIP re wellbeing (LD, LC)

·       Weekly wellbeing activities added to remote learning timetables

·       Children’s Mental Health Week – assembly online & resources for children

·       Launch of Jigsaw PSHE

·       Weekly wellbeing phone calls to all pupils



·       Staff wellbeing resources shared with all staff

·       Wellbeing activity booklets for key worker and vulnerable children

·       Wellbeing resources for parents added to website

·       Adrenal Insufficiency Training


·       House points relaunch

·       Relaunch of ‘Talk to the Team’ boxes

·       Wellbeing assemblies resume weekly

·       Mental Health in Children & Young People (LC, KH)

·       Neglect Statement of Intent training (LD)

·       Impact of the Pandemic on Children & Young People (LD)


·       Alliance pupil support begins (referrals for individual pupils needing post lockdown wellbeing support)

·       Alliance & CAMHS deliver transition sessions to y6 pupils

·       Safeguarding update delivered to all staff (LD)


·       Safeguarding day in all year groups

·       Daisy Chain family support sessions begin

·       Person Centred Planning training (LD)

·       Positive Handling training arranged for selected staff

·       Provision Map CPD attended (LD)

·       Foetal Alcohol training (LC)


·       PCP meetings to support transition for Y6  pupils open to social care

·       Provision Map training to staff (LD)


·       Healthy Eating relaunch (LC)

·       Wellbeing Champions Network (LD)

·       Safeguarding Foundation completed (LC)

·       Safeguarding Forum (LD)

·       Neglect Statement of Intent (LC)  

letter - summer holiday provision 25/06/21

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

We hope you are well and that your child/ren is enjoying the summer term and the warm weather! 


Ahead of the summer holidays, we wanted to let you know about the brilliant new Holiday Activities and Food programme which is operating in your local area. We are helping to launch a new film to promote the programme so parents know that their children can get involved in a local holiday club when the school term ends this July. 


We know that the holidays can be a really difficult time for families who are struggling to make ends meet or who are juggling work and childcare. The holidays should be a time for every child to enjoy themselves rather than worrying about having enough to eat or how they can spend their free time.


That’s why we’re really excited about the summer holiday programmes that are being funded by the Government and will take place across the whole of England. This was recommended by the National Food Strategy when it was published last year. A petition supporting the recommendation was signed by over 1 million people.


Places on the holiday schemes are available for free to children who receive free school meals, but children and young people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend. Each local programme will provide delicious, healthy meals, allow kids to get active, help them learn new things, make friends and have fun. And that is what the holidays are all about!  


You can find out more by watching this new film that we’ve made:


The holiday programmes are open to children of any age and are free for children eligible for free school meals. They will: 

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for children 
  • Be led by experienced local coordinators teaming up with a range of different partners in their communities 
  • Serve children tasty and nutritious food and opportunities to learn about food and nutrition 
  • Organise lots of activities so every child can find something they enjoy - from Kung Fu and cooking to bushcraft. 
  • Keep children and young people happy, healthy and active  
  • Offer a flexible childcare option for busy parents 


You can find out exactly what’s available in your local area either by visiting your council’s website or by searching online for HAF (that stands for Holiday Activity and Food).


We hope you and your family have a great summer with the Holiday Activities and Food programme!

Yours sincerely, 

Marcus Rashford MBE  
Henry Dimbleby MBE (Founder of Leon, Independent Lead of the National Food Strategy) 

Thank you for your continuous support throughout this very difficult half term. Please read the following information carefully:


If your child tests positive for COVID-19 during the Easter holidays, please can you inform school by texting this number 0753 460 1933. 

Happy Easter Everyone - Hartlepool Borough council have a holiday programme of physical activities for all ages.  Please see timetable below.


Government data supporting return to school on 8th February


Wednesday 24th February 

Re-Opening of Schools in England From Monday 8th March


Dear parents/Guardians,  


Good news! I’m sure you are all aware that following the prime minister’s announcement yesterday, all of our school children can return on Monday 8th March as the government working with scientists now feel that it is safe to do so.  


Full Government Document 


Attendance from the 8th of March will be mandatory

Class teachers will forward information to you, sharing start and finish times etc. 


The school will be set up exactly as it was before Christmas and lockdown.  Each class will form their own bubble and play times, lunch times, start and finish times will be staggered. 


Parents must wear face coverings as before and maintain social distancing and follow all school advice and rules.  


Your support throughout this pandemic has been nothing short of amazing in helping me and the school to keep everyone safe. 


Any further information that you need to know will follow over the next two weeks.  


Yours sincerely, 


Mr Turner 

Head Teacher