Class 4 - Year 2

Mrs Ward, Mr Carroll and Miss Foster

welcome to YEAR 2 ...

We offer challenges and support to all children to ensure they reach their potential in all lessons. 

We encourage the children to explore the world with all their senses and to begin to ask questions about their learning and the world around them.

In Year 2 we have a positive learning attitude and work hard to achieve our personal goals and targets.  We all try to make the right 'Choices' and give a 100% in everything we do. 

Warren Berger: 'Knowing the answers will help you in school, but knowing how to question will help you in life.'

Information for parents: 2020 key stage 1 tests

During May, all Year 2 children take the end of Key Stage national tests (‘SATs’). These tests are designed to check that children in all schools are making progress. The tests are a tool for teachers to help them measure your child’s performance and identify their needs as they move into key stage 2. They also allow teachers to see how your child is performing against national expected standards. 

To prepare for the tests children will be practicing and getting support throughout the school day.

Can we ask to support your child at home by completing the following:

  • To read 5-10 minutes each night and ask questions relating to what has happened in the book and to find certain words and understand the meaning of it.
  • To practise 2x 5x and 10x tables. This can be fun for the children by playing the following game as we do in school. Please click on the following link...
  • To practise must know words as this will help your child in their writing and reading as well. To print or find the words please click on the following document:


Children will be also be able to attend our extra SATS club after school which will start in February. Watch this space for the exact start date.

class timetable


Year 2 SATS will take place across the 4 weeks of May 2020. Please can we ask that you do not book any holidays for your child during this time. Year 2 is an important year for your child's education.   




Children who complete their reading and spellings homework will receive a certificate and have entry into our termly draw.

Those with 100% attendance for the week will be entered into a weekly draw to win a prize. 

For every time a child reads they will gain a raffle ticket. At the end of each half term the raffle will be drawn to win a book prize. 



During the two weeks transition the theme was SAVE THE WORLD - CHANGE THE WORLD!

All children completed various activities. We researched how to keep our environment clean and help animals such as hedgehogs and bees. We built a hedgehog house out of recyclable objects and had arts and crafts sessions during which we made bin bag dream catchers, paper plate hedgehogs and plastic cup plant pots. We even went to Summerhill to do a 'rubbish' survey.

All children enjoyed these two weeks and it helped them to settle into their new classroom before September. 


We had lots of fun during the Christmas period. We practised for our school performance, had a Christmas party and even a visit of Santa!


On our visit to Newcastle Castle we have learnt a lot about how life was in the past. What made a castle such a safe place? What did people eat in the past?

We are going to write a recount about our educational visit soon! Work to follow soon.