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intra and inter sports competitions as part of the school games mark



Children took part in a Key Stage 2 Cross Country competition at High Tunstall.  This is one of the first competitions of the new school year.  Well done to all that competed and we have a number of children through to the next round.


As part of the school games day Junior APP children enjoyed playing rugby 28.2.20

 As part of the school games mark children enjoyed training for the sports crew training  February 5th 2020

As part of the school games mark children enjoying intramural school competitions during break time January 20th 2020.

As part of the school games children are enjoying change4life club. - January 2020

As part of the school games mark children participated in indoor athletics and outdoor games.

Some of our children have taken part in inclusive sports at the sports domes.  A lot of fun was had by all.

Rift house took part in a football tournament as part of school inter games competition.  They won 2 lost 1 and drew 2.  They are now taking part in the championship round.

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Cross Country

As part of the School Games children enjoy participating in personal challenges as part of the school games.


Year 4 at the skipping festival performing their skipping routine 

Tri-Golf at the domes with Professional, Graham Storm.

Cross Country Tees Valley Finalist representing Hartlepool.

Football Superstars and Cross Country Winners progressing to the next round.

Skipping Competition Year 4

Year 3 Tennis Tournament

Family Sports

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