Sports Reports


On the way to the domes we were excited to show off our talent whilst completing against other teams in the tournament.  After some hard fought games we came third out of six teams and were proud of ourselves.




First we went to High Tunstal and Coach Andrew split us into two groups A and B.  Every match we played Coach Andrew gave us a bib which had our positions on.  We were all excited because group A was the first group to play and Benji scored 2 really good points.  At the end of group A's matches they scored a great 4 points and Group B got 3 points.  At the end of the tournament we came 2nd over all.  Benji won a trophy for player of the tournament.

Sophie and Isabelle 

Mixed Football

On our first game we won 1-0 after a hard game and we were really excited.  Our 2nd match we lost and the score was 1-2.  We then realised that we were not going to win every match but then our luck changed and we won the 3rd game by 2 goals!  We then had a break and took lots of team photos.  By the end of the 4th game we won 4-1 and by the end of the 5th match everyone was very tired and it ended a 0-0 draw.  After a team talk we played our last match of the day and won 3-0.  Great day of sport and we came 3rd overall.


Year 5 


We went to High Tunstall to do a tennis tournament.  Milly, Lacie, Amelia, Zoe, Louie Riley and me, (Ollie).  When we got there we did some ralleys with our friends.  The girls then played some matches and the boys did some activities.  The activities were throwing balls into baskets, pass the parcel and hit the target.  We came 2nd in the competition and had lots of fun!